A builder needs some rebar ties

I have been a professional builder for years now, and occasionally there are things that you just cannot do your job separate from.

That is a single thing that I have l gained over the years! Certain supplies are more crucial than others, and occasionally it seems that separate from them, you just cannot do your job.

Take our favorite hammer, for example. Without our favorite hammer in our tool belt, I just cannot get anything done. It’s a single of those things that is standard, and it is undoubtedly crucial. Another product that I have started to recognize that way about over the past few years is a product called 16 gauge rebar wire ties. I recognize that seems love a random thing to recognize this romanticly about, but these 16 gauge rebar wire ties have come in handy for us so multiple times over the years that now I just keep them in stock in our warehome at all times. All of us always have them on hand, because I just never recognize when our crew is going to need a bin of them. This product comes in bags of 2500 or 5000 to a bin and I usually just go ahead and buy the greater bags because I recognize enjoyable and well that every one of us are going to use them eventually. Luckily for me, they are undoubtedly durable and they last forever. They are made of high quality wire and since it’s all galvanized, it is super durable and strong. All of us use them a lot whenever every one of us are out on job sites whenever every one of us need a enjoyable affixing mechanism.

Zinc coated Double loop ties