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I acquired 18 gauge bundles instead of 16 gauge bundles

Stainless steel rebar tie wire can be used in a number of weird applications. It has unmatched repair life, weather resistance, affordability, plus durability. Rebar tie wire is available in a number of weird sizes. I use 16 gauge bundles of galvanized rebar tie wire. I order the rebar tie wire from a company here […]

I had to pay a hefty restocking fee

I e-mailed the company, because I did not want to rest on hold again. Just a small number of weeks ago, I made a big mistake when I was ordering items for a project. I had to order rebar tie wire from a company online. I needed many weird sizes of rebar tie wire. I […]

I put the 16 gauge wire through the machine

I got a pretty good job working at a place that makes chain link fences. It’s a factory job, but I earn a decent salary and I get benefits like health, dental, and vision. The place even has a retirement program that matches up to 3%. The building where I work is always very loud. […]

The storage locker rent is going up

I own a construction company and we use a lot of different supplies in the job. All of the supplies have to be kept somewhere. I always have supplies on hand just in case we pick up a small job from time to time. These supplies include different sizes of rebar, rebar tie wire coils, […]