Unable to cover home repairs from storm damage

My only solution was to contact a cash buyer

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to accept a job promotion with an up-and-coming company. The considerable increase in salary was too beneficial to pass up. I also fell in love with the local area and the weather. Coming from the northeast, the blue skies, bright sunshine and warm temperatures were a welcome change. Because of my generous income, I was able to purchase a home right on the water. I was delighted with the view of the river from my back deck. At that time, the housing market was extremely competitive. I definitely overpaid for the property. I felt very secure in my job and saw no reason not to splurge. I also took out a loan to furnish and decorate the house. I updated all of the appliances, replaced windows and invested into landscaping. I had lived in the house less than two years when a huge storm resulted in flooding, downed trees and a lengthy power outage. A large branch fell on my roof and caused considerable damage. I had several feet of filthy water inside my house, destroying the rugs, appliances, HVAC system, water heater and cupboards. With no electricity, I couldn’t even run a fan. It didn’t take long for mold and mildew to become a problem. At that same time, the company I worked for folded. I was suddenly without an income and unable to pay for home repairs or even cover my mortgage. My only solution was to contact a cash buyer. I found a family-owned, local company that has a solid reputation for treating people right. I submitted an online contact form and received an offer that same day.


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