Can’t afford to keep the house

There were several years of my life when everything seemed to go wrong.

  • My bad luck began when my husband walked out, leaving me with three small kids, a mortgage and a car payment.

I wasn’t aware that he had accumulated a great deal of debt through credit cards in both of our names. Getting a lawyer to go after him for child support was another large expense. Right around that same time, my son required surgery. The medical bills added up very quickly. The company I worked for suddenly downsized and my position was eliminated. Although I found another job, it was a significant pay cut. I was struggling to keep up with groceries and the house payment and falling behind on my bills when the water heater ruptured. I simply couldn’t afford a new water heater. When I looked around, I realized that the house was in need of numerous repairs and updates. I couldn’t even keep up with mowing the lawn. I started looking for a way out. I knew that listing the house with a real estate agent could take months. I was also reluctant to pay an agent commission. For a buyer to secure a bank loan, I’d be forced to install a new water heater, pay for a home inspection and possibly face a long list of expenses. A bit of online research led me to a local Jacksonville home buyer for cash. The company had purchased nearly two thousands houses and had very positive reviews. I liked the fact that the home buyer is a family-owned company and not some corporate reseller. Since there was no obligation and getting an offer was entirely free, I filled out the online contact form. I ended up closing on the sale of my home ten days later.

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