Selling a home with termites in it

I didn’t know the signs of termite harm before.

  • It wasn’t something that I was brought up knowing or kept aware of.

I just noticed that there was a lot of debris and bizarre looking stuff on the side of my house. I just ignored it for years until a friend of mine saw it. My acquaintance was distraught by the termite harm. She told me that if I didn’t get it taken care of the home would be condemned. Wait, are you kidding me? So I called a termite contractor and the harm had been expansive. They couldn’t bomb and treat it thoroughly enough. The home basically needed to be hacked to little bits to get it all, however portions of the home would need to be detached and redone. The cost of that alone was making me chop out in hives. I then had the idea to sell it. I thought maybe I could get some sucker in Jax, FL who wouldn’t realize the termite harm and take it off my hands. Nope. Nobody wanted my exhausting penny. Thankfully I wasn’t stuck with a sinking timebomb. I found a Flrida cash home customer that was willing to buy my termite house. The woman wasn’t scared of a high-priced project. They buy and sell homes for cash in Jacksonville in a variety of conditions. She was absolutely quite eager to buy it from me. I feel I got an entirely nice price for it being such a mess. I was just enthusiastic that I no longer was on the hook to deal with termites. My next home I am going to be better about.

sell my termite damaged home