A tree fell on our house

High winds are often an issue in Jacksonville, FL.

Along with power outages, my buddy and I experience torrential downpours as well as lots of falling branches. After a heavy windstorm, it’s not different to find a unbelievable deal of debris scattered across the shrubbery. About eight months ago, during a particular violent storm, a important tree fell on our house. It caused sizable detriment to all of the major structural components. My friend and I were fortunate that no one was hurt. The tree collapsed a important portion of the roof. My friend and I sustained broken windows as well as destroyed ceilings as well as walls. There was immense problems with the electrical system, plumbing pipes as well as ductwork. Plus, the root system pulled up through the ground as well as disrupted a immense area. It created concerns with the septic as well as detriments the foundation of the house. It was the neighbor’s tree that fell on our house. According to FL law, the neighbor is not liable. My friend and I expected our homeowner’s insurance to pay for detriments. Instead, the policy only covered the cost of removing the tree. My friend and I were provided up to $1000. With such extensive problems, my buddy and I weren’t sure what to do. Listing the house for sale through traditional methods would have meant accepting a lot less than the home was worth. After a lot of debate as well as considering a variety of options, my buddy and I decided to contact a client for cash. My friend and I found a family-owned business with a solid reputation for satisfactory offers as well as swift, smooth closings. They buy homes in any condition. Once I submitted the online form, my buddy and I were provided an offer within an hour. It turned out be our best solution as well as got us out of the house within two weeks.
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