Advertising the store meant doing my research

Last year I started a job working at an advertising agency.

I mostly handle Internet advertising and search engine optimization.

From one week to the next, I never know what type of company I am going to be working with. Last month I worked with a beverage vendor and a week later I worked on a project for a company that is trying to stop all sugary substances from being made. This week I am helping a customer that has a metal company. The metal company sells rebar supplies. I honestly didn’t know much at all about rebar supplies until I got the advertising job. I had to quickly learn about rebar, rebar wire coils, and rebar loop ties. I quickly learned that rebar, rebar wire coils and rebar double loop wire are all necessary supplies in the construction industry. Rebar is what gives the concrete strength and durability. Advertising the metal company meant that I had to do my research well. I wanted to be able to help the company as much as possible. After 2 days of research, I realized that advertising the metal company was not going to be as difficult as I expected. It turns out that all of the supplies that the metal company sells are used in a variety of different applications. I use those applications as ways to advertise the metal factory to different businesses. Instead of advertising each specific rebar product, it was easier for me to advertise the ways in which these products could be used to make life and construction much easier.



14 gauge double loop ties