I bought 16 plus 18 gauge stainless steel wire coils for the job

I have to order supplies for an upcoming construction job. I went online to the website that I usually order all of our supplies from. I observed all of the prices were higher than the last time that I placed an order, but prices on all of the double loop wire ties were about 10% higher. Prices on coils of tie wire or also elevated. I needed to buy coils of tie wire in both 16 plus 18 gauge stainless steel varieties. When I saw the price difference from the last time that I ordered, I decided to shop around to see if there was any place else cheaper. I have constantly ordered all of our supplies online. I absolutely found a metal company here in the town that offers all of the same products that I purchased online. The metal company offers rebar, rebar wire coils, plus loop ties. All of these products are necessary in the construction industry plus I use all of these products on every single job. The metal company in town offered me 10% savings to use their company plus they also offered free in town delivery. They would send all of the rebar supplies directly to the corporation or the address of the construction job as long as it was within City limits. I was delighted to hear about all of the perks plus that made me decide to place an order with the local rebar Supply company. I bought both 18 plus 16 gauge stainless steel wire coils for the upcoming job. They were delivered the day that the job started.


16 gauge black annealed tie wire