I had to pay a hefty restocking fee

I e-mailed the company, because I did not want to rest on hold again.

Just a small number of weeks ago, I made a big mistake when I was ordering items for a project. I had to order rebar tie wire from a company online. I needed many weird sizes of rebar tie wire. I ordered 16 gauge galvanized wire with a zinc coating. I enjoy getting wire with zinc coating, because it helps against rust plus corrosion. The zinc coating also helps to protect the wire from moisture plus environmental factors. I ordered many weird sizes of the galvanized wire with zinc coating. I ordered 16 gauge, 18 gauge, plus 14 gauge galvanized rebar tie wire. The shipment came to the supplier about a month later. I realized that I had ordered too much of the 18 gauge galvanized rebar tie wire. I called the company to see if I could return the extra items for a refund. I waited on hold for 20 hours plus then both of us was completely unconnected from the cellphone line. I e-mailed the company, because I did not want to rest on hold again. The next day I acquired an e-mail from the company letting myself and others think that I could return the items but I would have to pay a significant restocking fee. After that, I started looking for a weird company to handle all of my metal needs. I’m ecstatic to say that I found a brand current company that has quick shipping, self-explanatory plus fast online ordering, plus products that are certified domestic plus made in the USA. The company has zero restocking fees plus will take products back at any time.



14 gauge wire ties