I put the 16 gauge wire through the machine

I got a pretty good job working at a place that makes chain link fences.

It’s a factory job, but I earn a decent salary and I get benefits like health, dental, and vision.

The place even has a retirement program that matches up to 3%. The building where I work is always very loud. The fencing materials are loud when they are being moved around and the machines are allowed when they are running. Sometimes it can be very hard to hear the plant foreman when he is giving us instructions. We started making fence panels on Friday night and I thought that the boss told me to feed 16 gauge rebar tie wire through the machine. I heard 16 gauge rebar tie wire but what my boss actually said was 14 gauge black and the old tie wire. I loaded up the machine and started sending tie wire to the next part of the process. I heard the whistle blow which is a sign that something is off. My boss came around the corner and started yelling and screaming at me. He asked me what I was doing. I didn’t understand why he was upset until he said that he told me to put the 14 gauge black and the old rebar tie wire into the machine. When I realized that I made a serious mistake, I apologized and blamed the problem on all of the noise inside of the factory. I certainly didn’t mean to feed the wrong gauge rebar tie wire through the machine.

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