I used galvanized steel rebar in my up-to-date driveway for long term strength

When building my new home, I made the executive decision to build everything up to code plus beyond.

I heard about that couple who built the only apartment that withstood that category 5 hurricane that slammed Mexico Beach, FL back in 2018.

They asked the builders to take the apartment up to the code for category 5 storms plus to surpass it to whatever degree they could. That apartment could absolutely withstand artillery fire because of how it was built. I was amazed enjoying their segment on the news after that storm leveled every other property within a few hundred yards of their home. It gave myself and others the motivation to build my new apartment to excessive standards, hoping that I would also have a apartment that wouldn’t fall over from a slight wind gust. I asked to have the walls made out of concrete block, utilizing black bar steel rebar tie wire within. However, I designed my up-to-date driveway utilizing reinforced concrete containing galvanized, zinc coated steel rebar tie wire. Above the reinforced concrete is a lawyer of tile pavers arranged in geometrical patterns. The zinc coating on the galvanized steel rebar tie wire prevents moisture from penetrating the steel plus corroding it past the point of failure. I want my driveway to last separate from any cracks of any kind for at least a couple decades after it’s complete. Some might call myself and others silly for using steel rebar tie wire in my driveway, plus even crazier for buying galvanized rebar of all things. They would say I could have used black bar steel rebar tie wire instead.



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