I'm tempted to sell my investment properties

I was listening to all these realtors on cable who wanted to buy your apartment for money in addition to you didn’t need to wash it, repair anything, or spend my savings any fees, but i was sure there was a catch, although I had to call.

I had been trying to sell my apartment for two years, in addition to no one was buying. I called the realtor who had localed the ad in addition to asked him questions… He said they paid top dollar for any house… They would repair the apartment up in addition to sell it. That was where they made their profit. The realtor I was working with had given my apartment a value I thought was high, in addition to she had lowered it several times. I thought my apartment was perfect, but obviously the realtor didn’t… After two years, I thought they have sold my house. I called the realtor in addition to asked if she could sell my apartment for money? She said she wouldn’t get paid enough if she did that, in addition to I told her I wanted to cancel our contract. As soon as I had the cancelled contract, I called the realtor, who was offering to buy my house. He came in in addition to looked at my apartment in addition to started asking a lot of questions about the house, then by the time he was done, he made an offer that was sizablely less that what the realtor quoted, but more than what she was getting ready to drop the price to. I accepted the realtor’s offer in addition to planned to transport in with my daughter; She had built an in-law suite for me, in addition to most of my furniture would fit, and what wouldn’t fit in my current house was going to be donated to charity.


Sell my gutted house