It was nice being able to sell our beach house without a realtor

Ever since inflation levels went through the roof earlier this year, I have been keeping our money under lock as well as key trying to afford the cost of living.

And since I had to use debit cards for a few major purchases that occurred as unexpected emergencies, I’m stuck making debit card payments as well.

But our hour beach house quickly became a money pit that I couldn’t sustain. How can you justify owning a vacation beach house when you can barely afford the taxes on your primary home? This is surely not what I expected to happen back before the pandemic started as I was dreaming of slowly getting involved in the real estate market. Meeting a failing realtor who was living paycheck to paycheck is what convinced myself and others that I didn’t want to sell homes for a career. Instead, I just used the extra money to get a vacation beach house that I would use myself. Now that I can’t afford the vacation beach house or the taxes for it, I am ready to sell our beach house however without a realtor involved. I don’t want to spend money the closing costs for the beach house if I get a realtor involved, so I’m inevitably trying to sell our beach house fast for cash. I finally found signs advertising a cash beach house buyer who would buy any beach house sold without a realtor or something that is off market. The two of us negotiated the price on our vacation beach house before I finally sold the beach house fast for cash to the interested buyer. She buys lots of homes for cash throughout the year as well as then renovates them for cheap before selling them for a small profit. With enough of these cash beach house purchases, she makes a fantastic living.

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