Stainless double loop rebar ties were used in the highway.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to watch a new part of the interstate being replaced.

We lived on an on-ramp to the interstate, and we were watching every step they took.

My husband wanted to know why they were using rebar in the construction. He was told that rebar has flexibility and yet strength. By adding rebar into the highway, it would make it more durable, and less concrete would need to be used. Now he wanted to know how they kept it together and if it had a form to be placed in. The rebar was the form. It was kept together by stainless double loop rebar ties. I was sure my husband was being a nuisance as he hung around the foreman and continued to ask more information. He told my husband that stainless doble loop rebar ties are easy to use and a great alternative to tying wire. Professional result can be achieved even by an untrained steel worker. With the help of a special tool, the ties are bent around the reinforcement intersection and twisted tight in just one or two pulls. He never told the foreman that he was once a construction engineer, and only recently retired. He just wanted to check things out and see what kind of new materials they were using. He was all excited when he came back to the house and told me about the stainless double loop rebar ties. He also told me I should get something substantial for dinner, because he invited those who went back to hotels, to stop in for a meal. He had a list of fifteen men who would be stopping by around 9PM.



Galvanized Double loop ties