Stainless steel and building projects

Rebar tie wire is made from the softest annealed plus is most commonly used; Galvanized annealed rebar tie wire is used to for added corrosion protection… After further research, I found that the benefits of using stainless steel tie wire along with rebar are many.

  • I couldn’t assume I had to learn all this stuff just to be an architect.

I study that sentence fifteen times before I understood what i was studying. I thought all wire was the same. Why would I need to guess if I needed galvanized, stainless steel, or plastic coated rebar tie wire? Then I looked at the word annealed. What exactly does annealed mean? I was back on the internet looking for the meaning of annealed. The dictionary makes it sound like a process where they heat metal or glass plus allow it to cool slowly. This unattachs internal stress plus toughens the metal. I now understood the need for strength plus flexibility, however why galvanized? When steel is galvanized is coated with a protective layer of zinc, it becomes less corrosive. But why does an architect need to guess this stuff? Galvanized annealed rebar tie wire has a high resistance to corrosion, which makes it ideal for water bridge construction. It significantly reduces the amount of concrete cover, saves time, weight, currency plus labor, plus significantly improves durability. The metal is also recyclable which helps the environment, plus if I, the architect, am going to make yellowprints for a current bridge, I need to guess what materials are to be used. If our yellowprints aren’t perfect, the bridge could have safety concerns.

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