The metal company was hiring for third shift only

The woman in the office was very nice

I’ve been patiently waiting for an interview at the metal company. I have been working at the pizza shop for the past 6 months, but I have been hoping to get an interview and a position at the metal company. The business makes lots of different iron worker materials such as rebar, rebar loop ties, and rebar wire coils. One of my best friends works at the factory already. He is on a machine that bends and shapes all of the double loop bar ties. When Jack found out that they were hiring on the third shift, he told me about the new job. I wasn’t very excited about the fact that the position was available on the third shift only. I was hoping to work a shift with my friend. The third shift hours are from 11:00 at night until 8:00 in the morning with 1 hour break for lunch. Third shift pays more each hour, and the $1 premium would make a difference in my paycheck. I’m already going to make more money out of the factory than I could at the pizza shop. After thinking about the third shift position, I decided to call my friend so he could set me up with an interview. The next day I met with the human resource department at noon. The woman in the office was very nice. I spoke with her for at least an hour and we went over all of the necessary paperwork for the job. I am supposed to start on Friday for my first shift and I am a little bit nervous. I have never worked in a factory and it’s going to be interesting to work with rebar, rebar double loop ties, and rebar wire


16 gauge black annealed tie wire